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I'm always working on my next story, and here are the books I've published so far.  I have so many things I can't wait to share with you!  It has been an interesting journey, full of discovery and magic.  Thank you for all your support and encouragement - I couldn't have done it without you.​

The Day I Dawdled

The Day I Dawdled is a story I wrote many years ago when our daughter was a little girl.  It took several years for it to be turned into an actual book, and the Elementary Art Teacher at our local school is the illustrator.  How cool is that?   

Amazing Animal ABC's

Amazing Animal ABC's all started out with a cardinal who was throwing himself against one of our windows.  He continued to do this every single day for over 2 months - I was seriously concerned he was going to hurt himself!  I finally nicknamed him "Carl" and before you know it, "Carl the Crazy Cardinal" was born.  This was the beginning of a process that took over 2 years, but now my ABC book is being used in classrooms and is helping kids learn to read.  Talk about finding your "why"....


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Jean's Garden

Jean's Garden is based on a real person, and her memory lives on in the beautiful flowers in her yard and in this book.  I can see Jean's smile in the roses, peonies, irises, and other flowers that continue to bloom.  And the cats are still tipping over her angel statue.

The Adventures of Smitty

Smitty was born in my first book, The Day I Dawdled".  While he only had a 'bit part', he became a very popular character - it was apparent that he needed his own spotlight.  Smitty is a little guy with lots of friends, and there will be more books coming about all of his adventures!

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